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This is what you would normally see in a third world country sad to say this is happening all over Canada kids with their parents becoming homeless by the thousands monthly and with lots of the BC shelters closing down. Over 20,000 people with their kids will starve and die. Let’s change Canada together with Cooperative Community Project invite all your friends don’t let this go unheard of and please share.

Welcome To Cooperative Community Project

Who we are is simple. We are going to build community’s similar to Hutterite or Mennonite community without the religious aspect. We will have no money or currency of any kind going through the community. All positions are voluntary, we will have storehouses where all the supplies will go and when you need food, clothing, or more, it’s there for you to have without having to worry about affording it. We plan to build log cabins and a community center and more. The Cooperative Community Project community will also be able to help the homeless and the poor with this Project we plan to do that. It’s no lie that we have lots of people living on the streets and in lots of poverty. Cooperative Community Project plans to help change this by offering people a new opportunity to make a better way of life for themselves in northern Saskatchewan with housing, food, clothing and much more. Everyone knows this saying – you give a man a fish, he eats for a day, you teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime. Please open up your heart and your wallet and donate on our website, thanks.

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