Store House

Store House

If the community uses no currency, how do you get the food and

supplies that you need?

We would build storehouses just like normal stores, only with no cash

register. The community will provide the basics for people to live and

eat well.

Now, that being said, pop and junk food will not be provided, however,

we will have an order system so we can bring them in by the pallet as

well as other foodstuffs. Families within the community will still be

eligible for the child tax credit which can be used to purchase these

items that cannot be purchased by the community.

So how do we get supplies in and out of the community? We will be

buying large amphibious vehicles that can transport thirty people and

supplies. They are viable on land as well as under water. An

accountant would be called in annually if we can’t do it ourselves, so

this way we still have money coming in to buy supplies. (There seems

to be a disconnect here as to the accountant, what does he have to do

with ordering supplies?)