Council Community Government

Council Community Government

The community would have three councils. Each council would have at

least 8 people. An election would be called every 5 years for all

councils and candidates would be prohibited from running again for

another 5 years. Candidates could only tell the people what they

could do for the community. No aggressive tactics would be tolerated

in any campaign.

1 Governing councils would be elected from 2 or more main

industries. Each member of the governing council would represent

separate industries and developments in the community. Examples:

1.Housing /construction

2.Community food and supplies


4.Grains and harvest

5.Career Counselor manager

6.Recruitment and new placement

7.Waterworks and waste disposal

8.Trade and supplies

9.The legal counsel would be a panel of 8 peers working in the

community and would be called upon if someone were to commit an

offense. Without money in the community, 95% of the crime we face

daily in our society would be eliminated. Everyone would be treated

as innocent until proven guilty. Trials would be held within 60 days

from the date of being charged or the charges must be dropped.

1. The third council would be a spiritual council, not religious in any way.

This council would also be made up of 8 people elected to represent the

community’s spiritual needs. The community would have an inter-faith

house of worship which members could freely attend in order to pray,

attend classes or services. There would never be an obligation to

attend any worship services. The council’s job would be to teach when

asked and to come to a consensus on which courses should be

offered. Everyone would be given access to a spiritual library to assist

in their own learning. It would be up to each individual to

decide whether or not to be a man or a woman of God.