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Career Counselors: the Career Counselor position will involve ensuring that everyone is comfortable with their job in the community. The idea is simple you don’t like your job you go to your career counselor. She or he will assign you to a new job that is available. The idea behind this is to keep people working with approximately one week break at times between jobs after finishing a contract. There is always jobs for people whether you are elderly or young or a disabled. There will be light physical positions available such as a teacher. For others, there will be hunting and fishing positions and much more.

Positions to fill:

Carrier councilor 5 jobs available

Carpenter 20 jobs available

Plumber 2 jobs

Teacher 2-5 jobs

Livestock Boss 1 job

Farmers 10 and more

livestock handlers 10 and more

Loggers 10 and more

Drivers 10 and more

Community support workers 1 job available. This position is to help new families settle in the community for the first 3 to 6 months.

Shop clerk 2 or more they make sure the storehouse is kept clean and shelves are stocked and keep track of inventory.

Heavy equipment operator 2

Log boss 1-2 jobs

Mill workers 10 and more

Labor jobs about 50 or more jobs available

Mechanic 2 jobs

Doctors 2 jobs

Nurses  6 jobs available