The Constitution

The Constitution  Of The Cooperative Community Project

Every community must have 3 councils.

1. The governing council must not be more than 8 people or less than 8 people men and women. This council must have over %80 of votes or higher to pass any laws or rules for each community. This council has the ability to handle fund’s or trade outside of the community to benefit each community. All council members must agree to bring the new law to a vote if there is a stalemate and they cannot agree. They can come back the following week if this happened over 3 times they can call for a new election or vote to throw the motion out and to try again. When going to the people they must have 2 people one explains why it is a good thing and the other explained why it is bad each person is not allowed to attack or engage each other there on the stage.

2. Justice Council must not be more than 8 people or less than 8 people men and women. They have the right to judge someone if they have done something wrong.

The council can only do 1 of 2 things sentence a person from the community. To do community service or hard labor and they can banish the member and give info to RCMP  police outside of the community if the crime is Severe in what happened.

3. The spiritual council must not be more than 8 people or less than 8 people men and women. They must take all faiths into a count (account) and they are responsible for making it so no one can preach outside of the house of worship.

All councils are to hold an election every 5 years. All council members that got in can not run again for 10 years so they have to skip an election so this way we have new people running every 5 years to help keep it fresh.

All councils are elected all members cannot make it a full-time position they must do their minimum hours of 10 to 40 hours a week the head governing council is responsible for this as well as the career councilors. No one is exempt from labor endless medical retirement or there is nothing left to do for the day.

All people who are retired will only have to work half the hours of others and no one is to be placed where they are not suited for. For example, if a man has bad knees and can’t stand for long you can find him a job where his or her needs are being met well they work. If a man or woman can not work due to bad health reasons the community must take care of them.

All members must sign and understand the Constitution before joining If one cannot read It can be read for them It also must be read out loud in front of a counselor member, a career counselor, sheriff, recruiter and others with authority figures in the community.

All Communities Must elect a sheriff. He or She has the right to pick their own deputies. Officers cannot harass people and must have a warrant to search anyone’s homes from the justice council. They do have the right to check bags going in and out of the community. Bags must be put back together by the sheriff or deputies.

Each community will train security officers which are for external defense only. They are to keep watch at all times to keep members safe from wild animals and people who mean to do us harm. Every member over the age of 16 men and women must be trained for security whether or not if that’s what they are going to do for their career. Security officers answer to the justice council and if not available then the governing council or the sheriff can take charge if need be.

All communities must have at least one career counselor and this can be a full-time position in the communities. It is their job to place people where they are best suited or where the most jobs are needing to be done for the moment. If someone is not happy with their job they must go back to the career counselor and they must assign them a new one. If someone seems to be very stressed out the counselor can give days off to have this person take a break before the new career they go to.

Founders or foundership role in the community. People who have these titles can not run in any council in any community they may form a founders council but cannot interfere with any politics unless a council is corrupted and they can call for a new election. The highest position these people can hold is diplomat and career counselor. The foundership council can appoint the first council to any new community that is built.

All laws must be kept simple to the point that someone can count them on your hands and your toes. The basic laws of every community will be as follows.

  1. No currency of any kind in the communities being passed from one member to the next.
  2. All people have a vote in what’s going on in their community. And no one is allowed to bully you or threaten you to get you to vote in their favor.
  3. No Murder or killing anyone else in the community or outside of the communities.
  4. No bullying
  5. No rape 2 parties or more must all be consenting to have sex.
  6. No Stealing don’t take people’s stuff that doesn’t belong to you.
  7. No member can hate one another based on skin color, culture, faith, religious views or non-religious views.