Store House


This is simply because no money is passed around and stuff like that in the community, how do you get food and supplies that you need?

We build storehouses just like normal stores, only with no cash register. The community will provide the basics so people can live and eat well.

Now that being said we will not provide pop or other stuff like that, however, we will have an order system so we can bring them in by the pallet. And candy and what not so if you’re coming up with your family you’ll still get your child tax. So with this, we can put orders in for items we cannot make in the community.

So how do we get supplies in and out of the community? We will be buying large amphibious vehicles that can take 30 people at a time and supplies. They can go through water and land. We will try and have an accountant brought up yearly if we can’t do it ourselves, so this way we still have money coming in to buy supplies.