Tokens Sold 3,930,550  $1,965,275 USD 

Help Wanted

We are looking for full-time and part-time sales staff who can help us sell more CCP Classic tokens worldwide.

With 10% commission of $381 million to be made, we will pay out $38 million in commission to sales staff.

We are looking for people who are computer savvy.

This is really simple let me walk to threw the steps:

  1. Go to my account/ refer a friend page and make an account. Do not use the facebook or twitter login at all for this 

  2. Email admin and send them your username to And let us know you want to do sales.

  3. Go to refer a friend share the referral link everywhere you can and you can email people threw it as well. 

Pay is sent out every Friday.

Contact us at
Please visit our website   

Welcome to CCP Classic

I’d like to tell you about CCP Classic and how it can benefit you and where the proceeds are going.

There are 4 ways you will be able to use CCP Classic.

First, they will be put on the markets and sell for the current market price.

Second, can be traded for good and services and any CCP Site. Like food, clothing cabin rental and more for current CCP Classic market price.

Third, can be traded on the upcoming website that will sell items worldwide.

Fourth, there are businesses across Canada that are lining up to accept CCP Classic for payment.

The proceeds go to fund a new training program that will help unemployed people get back on their feet. We will be teaching people in these main areas:


Livestock, Livestock Management


Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Framing

Water Works Management

Aquaponics Green Houses


Hemp Production

Green energy management and setup

Beekeeping and Honey farming

It’s important that we help save the bees.

Well, people are taking the training for 1 to 5 years.

We provide housing, food, utilities, clothing, including all the basics. This way people can learn in a stress-free environment. All extra items that are made well in training that is not needed are sold off to local markets to pay for the program this allows us to keep expanding and creating more training communities across Canada and then the world.