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Donations go to the land of 36,000 acres and paying it off.

Building homes and providing food.

Building Aquaponic Greenhouse.

Building a store.

Training to help people heal and get back on there feet.

Buying livestock and building barns and fences.

Buying be hives to produce honey.

Buying equipment mills tools and more.



End Worl Poverty

New Land


The Cooperative Community Project

We are a training program that offers training to anyone who is unemployed and people working for minimum wage. During each year of training food, clothing and basics are all provided for our trainees. This program runs for a 1-year minimum to 5 years maximum. All people at the end of the first year can stay and become permanent members of the community and they will help others.

We train people into 12 main industries such as:


Livestock/ Livestock Management


Carpentry/ Electrical/ Plumbing/ Framing

Water Works Management

Aquaponics Green Houses


People who qualify for this program first are:

People working minimum wage jobs, the unemployed, and disabled. Also, people who are homeless, also people being victimized by child protective serves and need community supports. We will also offer a treatment center that works in the community for anyone who has addiction problems. Now that being said people go through treatment before they come and join us so they hardest part is over and we help them stay away from any addictions one may have.

For mailing in donations please send to:    

Canadian Community Project INC.
Box 157 Lanigan S.K. S0K2MO

 We are an Aboriginal run organization.

Join us on our facebook group  https://www.facebook.com/groups/163684047450396/

Join us on voice comes at https://discord.gg/GfWkW86